Deeds, Not Words

At Jefferson City CrossFit we believe that this motto is key to your success.  In a world where so much time and effort is spent on talk, we are committed to showing you what you are capable of beyond your own expectations.

If you are looking for a fun unique Jefferson City CrossFit Gym, you have found it. We are located at 1301 Creek Trail Drive, Jefferson City, MO 65109. At Jefferson City CrossFit our experienced trainers will work with you personally to go above and beyond limits you may have never thought possible. We’ll help you become  “Better than Yesterday” mentally and physically.  

Jefferson City CrossFit is a “strength and endurance-based” approach to fitness training that people from all ages and fitness levels can participate in. We welcome beginners with no knowledge of working out to those athletes looking for an established CrossFit Community. We promise to help you reach your goals with passionate coaching and a community driven atmosphere. In true CrossFit fashion you will receive training in our gym that will vary by degree not kind.

We do not have machines and treadmills. You will not find people working on one body part, one muscle at a time. We have the essential equipment and space which will allow you to be able to do functional movement at variable rates. At the same time you will have the most fun getting in the best shape of your life. You will experience camaraderie and support with your fellow athletes and coaches at its best, and you may have yet to experience this before. It possibly could date back to when you were in high-school sports. Everyone will know your name, you will laugh or scowl at the mention of “burpees”, and will most definitely leave feeling more empowered than you may have felt before. Contact us at JeffersoncityCrossFit@gmail.com or at (573) 353-9744 to come in and try a FREE session.

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Jefferson City CrossFit 1301 Creek Trail Dr Jefferson City, MO 65109